If you were to give me just one sentence to describe Grommet, I would say it is the most advanced open source UX framework available for enterprise applications. To give a more complete explanation of what Grommet is, I'll step back and explain why we created it.

Over the years at HP we had customers come to us saying to say various HP products wouldn't integrate well with each other because their UIs were very different, sometimes dramatically so. With this problem in mind, we wanted to create a single offering that would give customers the ability to create a UI with consistent look and feel in their applications that still provided robust UX design capabilities. Our goal was to create something for UX developers that had consumer-grade capabilities with an enterprise user experience framework.

To address this problem, we took UI code from certain of its products, including the HP OneView IT management software, and packaged it into a reusable library in the form of Grommet. Simultaneously, it published a formal style guide to help developers build applications with consistent UIs.

Grommet's design is highly modular, allowing developers to use just the parts of Grommet that are most applicable to their application. Users can benefit from using Grommet based on the needs of their users and applications, from referencing the style guide and its basic elements to complete adoption of the platform.

We feel we've created something special and to back that up, all Hewlett Packard Enterprise software will ship with UIs based on Grommet. We encourage everyone who uses the Grommet open source code – either inside HP or out – to help expand and improve the framework.

Ready to give Grommet a go? Head on over to our "Hello World" guide give it a try using the handy codepen template. For any questions about Grommet as you start tinkering, ping us on our Slack channel at slackin.grommet.io.