You've stumbled upon the official Grommet blog. Congratulations and welcome.

I'm Bryan Jacquot, HPE Worldwide User Experience Architect. As part of my job, I am lucky enough to lead the Grommet team.

Since you’re here, you are probably aware Grommet was officially unveiled back in June 2015. We are really excited about the cool stuff we’ve seen accomplished in the short time Grommet has been available. We are confident it is the most advanced UX framework available for enterprise app designers and developers. We hope to make this blog a place for current and aspiring Grommet users to become better informed about the product they use (or will use) and its capabilities. In an effort to keep you in the know, here is a sampling of the topics we’ll be covering in the weeks and months ahead:

  • Version Updates: Never ones to sit on our hands, we're constantly tweaking and improving Grommet to make it an even better experience for our users. In the past week, the Grommet team and community of designers and developers made 62 commits. We mean it when we say we're investing big and moving fast. We'll keep you up to date when we make changes and walk you through what's new and improved.

  • Grommet in the wild: As the new kids on the UX block, we're constantly spreading the word about Grommet. We're hitting up Twitter chats, conferences, meetups and everything in between, and we'll give you a peek into our appearances.

  • How to use Grommet: Realizing most of you reading this blog are will just be getting your feet wet with Grommet, we'll be posting tips and tricks, as well as how-to guides for getting the most out of your experience.

  • Team Grommet interviews: While sharing news you can use about Grommet, we'll also introduce you to the people whose passion for a better UX/UI enterprise experience brought the framework to life.

  • Designer and developer interviews: We'll also be looking outside our growing Grommet community to talk with prominent designers and developers who will share how they work and provide helpful insights into what makes them tick.

We look forward to making this blog as informative and useful as possible and look forward to your feedback. What else would you like to hear? Keep an eye on this space to see what we're up to.