Reflections on Grommet at HPE Discover 2015 in London

Posted December 7, 2015 by Eric Soderberg

Last week we spent three days evangelizing Grommet at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Discover in London. Given it's only been about six months since Grommet was publicly unveiled, our experience last week was highly encouraging.

When Grommet was first announced at HP Discover Las Vegas in June 2015, our booth traffic was fairly light. Most people who came by were naturally unfamiliar with the platform and were surprised HP was doing something like Grommet. This time around in London, we talked with a great many more people. There were still some quizzical approaches but there was also much more interest and visible enthusiasm given we’ve been out in the wild for a bit now.

Chris talking with HPE Discover attendees.

HPE customers shared with us how Grommet could improve their user's experiences and shorten application development time. Some had limited design resources and were hopeful Grommet would elevate the design of their applications.

Internal HPE teams also demonstrated an encouraging level of excitement, and there were already a handful of products with Grommet-based demos at the event. We even had people came by just to tell us they or someone on their team had successfully started working with Grommet and were happy with the results. What really surprised us was the level of hopefulness that the entire company would finally be moving toward a more consistent user interface experience. While this has always been an aspect of Grommet, it was encouraging to see it taking shape in this way.

Demoing Grommet

We came away from the show wanting to provide even more help for current and future Grommet users: example applications and templates; on-boarding paths; and tools to help teams create new themes and provide Grommet documentation to their developers using their own theme. We also want to improve our design resources to help teams get beyond thinking about just re-skinning and instead ask themselves what experiences they could be giving their users. Look for more sample applications coming soon on!

We're already contemplating the next Discover event in Las Vegas in 2016 where we hope to have an expanded presence with an interactive device wall.

Thanks to everyone who came by and to everyone helping to grow the Grommet community. We came away inspired by what we're all working on and we hope you are too.